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As its name implies, the express delivery service is exclusively known for collecting and delivering parcels to destinations within a stipulated area on the same day. Their reliable delivery speed makes them ideal for organisations relying on private and confidential communications.

This courier service is the most used and cost-effective service to send parcels to any destination. It is common for delivery services to prioritise a package's weight over its size. Unlike expedited delivery services, these companies ensure that your packages arrive within two to three days from processing, making them more cost-effective than faster delivery services.

  • Same-day collection availability
  • Delivery time: 24h-72h
  • Parcels up to 70kg

Type of Service

This option is a good one if you know the weight of your expected package. If you’re uncertain though, then you may want to think of other options. They’ll surely offer a variety of delivery options, including some of the others on this list. Generally, though, most standard delivery services will transport packages by truck in 2 or 3 days.


If you think the same day delivery service is fast, then you’ll find rush and immediate deliveries amazing. Rush and on-demand deliveries are for those who need it as soon as possible. You won’t need to wait more than half a day to get your deliveries this way.