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International couriers are always the best choice when shipping any item internationally. This is due to governmental jurisdiction restrictions.

You see, our postal service can only deliver items to the customs department of another country. After that, the destination country’s postal service handles the delivery. But private couriers have no jurisdiction. They handle the entire delivery from start to finish, as long as they operate in both countries. This is a far more secure and reliable way to ship internationally.

  • Short transit times within Europe
  • No packaging or labelling required
  • Air, Sea or Land used for the most

Type of Service

This option is a good one if you know the weight of your expected package. If you’re uncertain though, then you may want to think of other options. They’ll surely offer a variety of delivery options, including some of the others on this list. Generally, though, most standard delivery services will transport packages by truck in 2 or 3 days.


If you think the same day delivery service is fast, then you’ll find rush and immediate deliveries amazing. Rush and on-demand deliveries are for those who need it as soon as possible. You won’t need to wait more than half a day to get your deliveries this way.